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Did you know that you lose your private health fund benefits each year?

NOW is the time to use your entitlements health fund before it’s lost forever for a consult in our practice! Choose to use your health fund entitlement today. Extras cover on most health funds run for 12 months and then resets for the year.

This mean as that IF YOU DO NOT USE IT…YOU LOSE IT! As most funds do not roll over unused entitlements.

Here at GMR Chiropractic we have the HiCaps® system that allows you to claim your rebate on the spot. You can use your health fund entitlements to get a check-up, recover from and injury, or to be as health as you can be.

Time is Running out!

You have until December 31st to USE IT or LOSE IT.

Don’t miss out on your rebates call now on 4016 2131 or book online at www.gmrchiropractic.com.au today!

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