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5 Tips to Stay on Top this Holiday Season!

The holiday season is upon us, and we are all in a rush to get everything done. Now is the best time to have your nervous system and spine checked at GMR Chiropractic to help ensure that you are able to handle the extra stress this time of year places on your bodies. Here are 5 tips to help you cope with the “Silly Season” 1. TRAVEL We are rushing around trying to get everything on our list checked off before Christmas. We travel from event to event, making sure we see everyone. This requires a lot of sitting which can place a lot of strain on your spine and nervous system if it is not taken care of properly. Remember to get up and stretch and keep moving so your body does not stiffen up before being prone to injury. 2. OVER INDULGENCE The cookies, candy, rich foods and alcohol that surround us this time of year places extra stress on our systems to the point where your body is overwhelmed. Make sure that you are not neglecting your healthy food habits this holiday season. Make sure you are getting plenty of water.

3. SEASONAL INJURIES Hanging the lights on the house or on the Christmas tree. Playing with the new trampoline, pulling muscles moving boxes, shifting furniture and heavy shopping bags all can contribute to injury to your spine. Keep up with your normal physical activities, walking, going to the gym and yoga. Whatever it is remember to keep moving.

4. STRESS MANAGEMENT Finding the perfect gift, seeing the relatives that you don’t want to see, all can have an impact on your levels of stress management. Making sure you come into the office to have your nervous system checked will prepare you for whatever stressful situation arises this Holiday season. 5. IMMUNE SYSTEM With all the stress our immune system tends to get over run and susceptible to the flu and other nasty bugs that circulate this time of year. Keep your regular appointment and get adjusted to keep your system in top shape.


Get checked at our office and make sure this Holiday season doesn’t get the best of you. Contact GMR Chiropractic today for your next appointment on (07) 4016 2131 or visit our website www.gmrchiropractic.com.au for more information.

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