Getting Started with GMR Chiropractic

At GMR Chiropractic, we take great pride in providing a friendly, welcoming service and are committed to building a supportive community to encourage you and your family’s journey toward greater health and wellbeing.


Your Initial visit will familiarise yourself with our practice and get your set to begin your initial visit. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow time to complete and submit your new client paperwork. You also have the option to submit these forms online before your arrival at our practice. 

Your Initial Chiropractic Consultation

Our Chiropractor has years of experience working with people of all ages. We pride ourselves on helping our clients to realise their health goals.  The primary goal our your initial visit is for the Chiropractor to familiarise themselves with you and your health needs and establishing your goals while under Chiropractic Care. To do this, your first appointment will be roughly 30 minutes and consist of a comprehensive health history and full examination using multiple assessment tools and tests. This examination will determine the presence of vertebral subluxations (nerve interference) which may be affecting your body's inborn ability, to repair, regenerate and adapt to your environment. 


Depending on the nature of your specific health needs, we may require x-rays to be taken to ensure a full snapshot of your spinal health and develop an appropriate program of care that is tailored to your unique needs. 


Ready to get started? To book your initial consultation online or call us on 07 4016 2131.


Your Subsequent Appointment

On your second visit, your Chiropractor will conduct a report of findings to explain the results from your initial consultation. If the Chiropractor recommends Chiropractic Care for your specific condition, and you agree to care, you will receive your first Chiropractic Adjustment during this visit.  At the conclusion of this visit, the Chiropractor may provide a program of care for further visits, and recommendations for other ancillary services to help you achieve your health goals.